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Socket Conversions for a Safer Solution

In this modern age we are forever adding electrical equipment to our mains supply points. Multi plug extensions are available so that you can plug in up to four pieces of equipment off of one wall socket. But they look untidy and unsightly festooned and jutting out in a bulky manner from the wall.

You can also add two way or three way adaptors to single socket outlets but they also look bulky and are possibly dangerous when children are plugging or unplugging equipment.

Also some of these extensions are not safe and can keep tripping out creating an unsatisfactory solution to the problem.

You can of course change single wall sockets to two socket outlets but that will mean chipping out a new hole and fitting a new support box. This will mean re-plastering and redecorating to recover a tidy look to the job. What a waste of time, cost and energy when there is a more straightforward solution.

Using the services of a Part P qualified electrician you can source a new four way socket that will fit into your original single socket outlet. This is hardwired into the ring main system and offers a neat and safe alternative to the ‘Christmas tree’ effect of multi- plug adaptors.

SO for that more aesthetic and safer solution contact your approved contractor and see how easy it is to safely extend your sockets and keep your home and premises safe. You know it makes sense! Contact them today and see how easy it is.


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