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Why is it necessary to use a Part P qualified Electrician?

How do you ensure that you are employing a trustworthy and skilled electrician? There are many horrendous tales of poorly fitted electrical work and the warnings given by the industry authority ELECSA There is evidence that there are a lot of unqualified contractors out there just waiting to bodge a job or two! This leaves you open to fire risk and serious injury where bodged jobs are completed albeit at a cheap cost.

Contractors or electricians carrying out electrical work in residential or commercial properties in England and Wales should follow the rules set out in Part P of the building regulations to ensure they are complying with the law. These rules are designed to ensure that the electrical work is safe, appropriate and meeting current standards.

Part P certification was introduced to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and fires caused by faulty electrical installations as well as making things much harder for the 'bodge it and scarper' contractors to survive.

So it is VITAL that any electrical contractor you employ is Part P certified. They are proven through such rigorous certification and qualifications to be experienced and competent to ensure that they can address the following basic requirements:

Can deal with the current and upcoming rules and regulations for youIs qualified to carry out electrical work to BS7671 which is the national safety standardWill give you a certificate to confirm their work follows all of the new rules.

In addition and of particular importance a PART P certified electrician ensures that you do not have to pay for Building control charges, have the option of taking out an insurance backed guarantee for the work completed and finally have access to a formal complaints procedure if you are not happy with the work completed.

A PART P certified electrician has to undergo tough, thorough and rigorous assessments and this involves being aware of the many and varied solutions to the electrical problems facing householders today. They will not take any shortcuts and will always recommend what the current legislation and building regulations state as a minimum requirement for household and commercial premises.

So, for peace of mind and awareness, a PART P certified electrician can offer you a solution which is safe, appropriate and with a firm guarantee; why should you risk going anywhere else. Your home and premises are valuable assets to you so why consider going down the 'Bodge it and scarper' route and placing them and you at risk?

Do not be afraid to ask for sight of certification of PART P qualifications from your selected contractor. He will not mind, he will actually be pleased!


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